Top 10 Architecture Events You Wouldn’t Want to Miss (Around Europe)

Are you studying under the faculty of “Architecture and Urbanism” at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar? Or are you interested in the topics of such as cities, buildings, public spaces, urban planning etc.? If so, in order to follow the news, trending topics, brand-new materials, pioneering projects of the architecture world, you will find some useful information right here!
Well, since you are in the middle of Germany, and basically Europe, you have the chance of seeing them all with your own eyes. Below is a list of 10 leading events that will open up your horizon, help you find people sharing the same profession and keep you up to date. For more, you can check their websites in order to find open calls for students that will help you take a step further in your career. 

Architecture Festival Turn On — 08 – 10 March 2018, Wien
Vienna-based architecture festival Turn On just had its 16th year. You have missed this one, but you can follow them and attend the upcoming one. Here is some information: 
In our rapidly developing time, the framework conditions and thus the goals of buildings are also changing. Today, the world of architecture presents itself diverse and moves like a kaleidoscope. The selected program is a snapshot of their most interesting particles. Anna Ramos, the director of Fundació Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona, ​​opened this year’s the festival. Keynote speaker, Kristiaan Borret, was the municipal architect of Antwerp before assuming this role for the greater region of Brussels. His speech concentrated on an optimistic title which was “Cities to Love. Architecture in City Planning”.


Copenhagen Architecture Festival — 03 – 16 May 2018, Copenhagen
The festival began in 2014 with the aim of engaging a wide audience in the exploration and presentation of how architecture affects our everyday lives. The program has grown in content and ambition and since 2015, is the largest architecture and film festival in the world. 
Denmark’s first architecture festival opened its fifth edition with a packed program, presenting again this year the range of the architectural field and a high level of ambition. Over 220 architectural ventures in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, and for the first time: Odense! From May 3rd – 16th 2018. This year’s title was HOUSING HOMES / AT HUSE HJEM – about home, housing and belonging.


Clerkenwell Design Week — 22 – 24 May 2018, London
The London district with the greatest concentration of furniture showroom and architecture and design studios hosts its own design week every May. Exhibitions and parties take place in old Victorian buildings, while installations are created in the streets. This one has passed, but you can catch up with the next one!
Clerkenwell Design Week
Credit: Clerkenwell Design Week

Venice Architecture Biennale — 26 May – 25 September 2018, Venice

Venice Architecture Biennale, as the architecture section of the Venice Biennale, was established in 1980, although architecture had been a part of the art biennale since 1968. Well, today it is one of the leading ones in its parkour. It has started in May and will spread its atmosphere to the city until the end of September. If you have any chances to stop by Venice in the meantime, you should definitely have a look at the rich programme of the event, go to the talks, observe the public art pieces. The 16th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale will this year be curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, founders of Dublin-based Grafton Architects. Caruso St John Architects have been selected to curate the British Pavilion, with a proposal that will “engage with current political themes”.


London Festival of Architecture — 01-30 June 2018, London
The London Festival of Architecture began in 2004 and has since grown to become Europe’s biggest annual architecture festival. The festival attracts a vast public audience – 400,000 people in 2017 – and a global media audience of millions. The vast majority of events are free and are staged by a core festival programming team working alongside architecture and design practices and practitioners, leading cultural and academic institutions, artists and many others.
The London Festival of Architecture celebrates London as a global hub of architectural experimentation, practice, and debate. The festival returns to the capital from 1-30 June 2018 with a lively and diverse programme of public events across London exploring the theme ‘identity’.
London Festival of Architecture
New Designers Part II — 04 – 07 July 2018, London
New Designers consists of two parts—one focusing on the topics such as textile, fashion, and ceramics while the second week is more related to architecture, industrial design, furniture, and interior. Schools such as the University of Edinburgh, Kingston University, and Loughborough University are included for their graduation exhibitions
This summer, New Designers gathers more than 3,000 of the brightest and most radical new creative minds under one roof to launch the next generation of thinkers, makers, and disruptors onto the UK design scene. Opening on Wednesday 27 June, the exhibition is a two-week celebration of visionary design that sees students of 200+ creative courses unveiling never-before-seen work to thousands of industry professionals and design lovers.


Architect At Work The Netherlands — 12 – 13 September 2018, Rotterdam
The unique and innovative exhibition layout of Architect At Work was created by C4 -Creative Fo(u)r. In order to ensure optimal contact between exhibitors and visitors, visitors are automatically led along a route that winds its way through small, uniform stand units. The first contact is established on the stand. The innovations are showcased within the dimensions of the corner unit and on the (shell scheme) walls. Each box contains four corner units and a multimedia console which takes center stage (for PC/laptop). 
At Architect At Work, traditional aisles are transformed into lounge zones: places to enjoy a drink, to chat and to provide further explanation about innovative products, applications or services.


World Architecture Festival — 28 – 30 November 2018, Amsterdam
This three-day event moves to Amsterdam in 2018. The programme centers around the awards, which are decided following a series of open crits, and culminates in a gala dinner where the coveted World Building of the Year prize is announced. There is also an impressive programme of talksWith more than 35 prizes and awards to enter this year, you can easily find the perfect categories to showcase your future and completed projects on the world stage.
World Architecture Festival
Inside Festival — 28 – 30 November 2018, Amsterdam
Taking place alongside the World Architecture Festival, “Inside” celebrates the year’s best interior design projects. With 9 awards to enter this year, you can easily find the perfect categories to showcase your interior design projects on the world stage. These are the only architecture and design awards that are judged live by your peers, your heroes, and the industry’s power players.


Lisbon Architecture Triennale — 03 October – 02 December 2019, Lisboa
Since 2007, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale is a non-profit association whose mission is to research, foster and promote architectural thinking and practice. They have been doing just that throughout the last 10 years with a myriad of activities. And they will mark 2019 with another edition of their major international forum, which once again promotes debate, discussion and the dissemination of architecture while crossing geographic and disciplinary boundaries. 
The 5th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale will be “The Poetics of Reason”. This title states that, for all its subjective and non-scientific dimension, architecture does rest on reason, and its aim is to shed light onto the specificity of this reason. Indeed, the fact that architecture is grounded into reason and rationality is key to its being understandable, i.e. shareable, by everyone, and not just by architects. More than ever before, it stands as a condition to define an architecture for our contemporary ordinary condition. As a result of a massification of construction – more buildings have been built since the beginning of the previous century than ever before – such a condition implies that everybody is entitled to understand architecture without a specific background in the field.


Oslo Architecture Triennale — to be announced
Held every third autumn, the Oslo Architecture Triennale is the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival. For its last rendition in 2016, the theme, “After Belonging: A Triennale In residence, On Residence and the, Was We Stay in Transit,” sought to address the urban conditions and architectural manifestations provoked by the refugee crisis, mass migration and the more transient way people live now. Held at the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture, the ten-week extravaganza hosts exhibitions, conferences, debates, competitions, publications and events in a range of formats and mediums. OAT accepts open calls for projects, developed by architects, artists, scholars, institutions etc., that are then independently financed and organized to respond to the curatorial framework. The next event will come in 2019.
Yağmur Ruzgar, 2. semester Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (M.F.A.) 


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