100 Years of Bauhaus — Dessau Program (update no:1)

Dessau has been the host of the second phase of Bauhaus—after Weimar and before Berlin. The city contains various architectural examples of the movement from the Masters’s Houses to the Bauhaus Building designed by Walter Gropius in 1926. Here is the update of the continuously growing event list of Dessau (the previous one can be found here) — celebrating the 100th birthday of the world-famous Bauhaus.

Kunst am Bau

New York artist Lucy Raven has won the invitation competition “Kunst am Bau” for the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. The artist convinced the seven-member jury with her concept of “Lichtspielhaus” – a dynamic lighting installation made of glass in different colors, which interacts with the architecture of the building by González Hinz Zabala (addenda architects).

“A new level is introduced through the work, a ‘second curtain’ made of colored glass panels artistically picks up the architecture and develops the design and use possibilities of the ground floor as an ‘open stage’,” the jury explained in its statement. The jury particularly emphasized the conceptual references to the Bauhaus, its stage and Josef Albers’ color studies and their openness to new media. Commenting on the decision, the director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation says: “I am particularly pleased about this contemporary interpretation, which opens a new play between the current architecture of the museum, historical references to the Bauhaus and future visitors.”

Buying with Bauhaus money? 

The Federal Government plans a commemorative coin for the centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019! As a highlight on the 2019 cultural agenda, they have decided to issue a 20 Euro coin for the 100th anniversary. The commemorative coin is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2019.

Credit: twitter.com/BMF_Bund

Lost Bauhaus font

Hidden for almost 100 years, these lost fonts from the Bauhaus Dessau archives have finally been uncovered and released for the very first time. Named Joschmi & Xants, the fonts can be downloaded for free via @Typekit: https://adobe.ly/2sYn6LU

Guided Tours: Construction Site of new Bauhaus Museum Dessau
01.07.2018 | 05.08.2018 | 02.09.2018 | 07.10.2018 | 04.11.2018 | 02.12.2018

The Bauhaus Museum Dessau is currently being built after plans by addenda architects (González Hinz Zabala) from Barcelona and will open in 2019. The guided tour of the construction site explains the architectural concept –a building within a building– comprising a soaring steelwork block in a glass envelope. The tour informs about the current status of the construction site and offers insights into the technical side of the building and the construction process. Unfortunately, the tours are offered in German only.

Opening: Icons of Modernism
19.01.2019 | 10:00 – 17:00

The centenary has inspired a new curatorial concept for the Bauhaus buildings. Dessau has more original Bauhaus Buildings than any other city worldwide. Every building is in itself a prototype. For the very first time, the new curatorial concept will convey a comprehensive picture of the connections between the buildings and the lives and work of their occupants. Here, visitors will be able to discover the Bauhaus’s experimental, radical and utopian approach to architecture as applied design for a new, modern way of living.

Open Call: Parliament of Schools 2019 
20.04.2019 — 24.04.2019

What would a Bauhaus School look like today? How would such a school approach design our lived environment in a global society? What kinds of experiments would it pursue? How would it organize communal living and learning? And how could the campus microcosm serve to plant the seed for a politics of socially conscious design?

In the “Parliament of Schools,” one of the main lines of the festival’s programming, new and alternative models of design pedagogy will meet in a temporary school, forming a testing ground for transcultural pedagogical experiments.

They invite international experimental schools, initiatives, spaces of learning and temporary campuses currently developing design pedagogies beyond the dominant educational and epistemological canons, thus exploring alternatives to existing hierarchies and inequalities of access to knowledge and education.

In order to apply; a project outline, a brief description of your “school” and its founders (max. 2000 characters) should be included. A clear relationship to the historical Bauhaus and/or the Bauhaus Building should be evident from the project outline. The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will cover travel, accommodation, and production costs for the selected applicants. The deadline for submissions is 15 August 2018.

Credit: bauhaus-dessau.de

Passages Bauhaus: City  Interventions in urban space  
May to October 2019

A point becomes a line and the line becomes a surface—Wassily Kandinsky’s movement study takes the students of the Düsseldorf Peter Behrens School of Arts together with choreographies by William Forsythe along the way and makes them realize the urban space three-dimensionally.

The project invites visitors to the Bauhaus anniversary in 2019 to interactively experience the route from the Bauhaus building via the train station to the Anhaltisches Theater and from there to the Bauhaus Museum Dessau.

A black ball starts rolling, becoming a guided line and a sound space in the station. Walking becomes a changing experience—between tapes, sliding doors, and trampolines. The project plays with contrast, the installations visually uniform in black and surprise with a variety of sensual impressions in a haptic, kinetic and acoustic way. It also plays with the atmospheres of the city-spaces: wide spaces are limited, round spaces are crossed with lines, the horizontal is broken by leaps on a trampoline with movements in the air. Thus, the walk becomes a dynamic and sensual pleasure for everyone to play an invitation.

Credit: bauhaus-dessau.de

Opening Bauhaus Museum Dessau

The opening of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau on 8 September 2019 is one of the highlights of the centenary.

For the very first time the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s unique collection will be displayed in a comprehensive way and at the same time, the museum will be established as the location for contemporary positions that also connects the Bauhaus Buildings.
The museum is under construction in the center of Dessau being built by addenda architects (González Hinz Zabala). The transparent architecture of the ground floor invites visitors, passers-by, and citizens into the building. Here the Open Stage offers contemporary artistic positions and events.

Versuchsstätte Bauhaus. The Collection.

Whether typefaces, furniture, textiles, wallpapers or buildings, the modern culture of everyday life that we take for granted today was forged in Dessau during the 1920s. After the First World War, the Bauhauslers sought methods of shaping and designing the new, modern way of living. The Dessau collection is distinctive: its exhibits and objects tell the story of teaching and learning, free design and the development of industrial prototypes, artistic experiment, and engagement with the marketplace at the to-date unparalleled school of design. The exhibition is called Versuchsstätte Bauhaus. The Collection and its first presentation will be held in the new Bauhaus Museum Dessau.

Collecting Bauhaus / Bauhaus sammeln
02.12.2019 — 05.12.2019

International Bauhaus-Collections are coming to Dessau! At the end of the centenary year, the interdisciplinary conference invites Bauhaus-Collections from all over the world to Dessau, thus painting a global picture of the historic and contemporary reception of the Bauhaus.

Yağmur Ruzgar, 2. semester Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (M.F.A)

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