Inspiration Bauhaus

The new school year of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar seems to be more exciting than ever! Due to the various events created in order to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Bauhaus, the university will be offering many interesting activities including the contest called: Inspiration Bauhaus.

The theme of the photo competition is pretty predictable: Bauhaus. The competitors are asked to upload one single image that reflects their idea of the movement. The image can show anything depending on the participant’s preference and can picture all the different sides of Bauhaus: colors, forms, architecture, daily life, modernist style, cities and many more.

The competition is organized by the International Office in cooperation with University Communications. They basically focus on the international students who have always been welcomed at the university since Bauhaus was based on the idea of welcoming everyone from any part of the world. Moreover, they are seeking to see the movement from their eyes and discover their inspirations.

The jury will decide on the winners who will be awarded €200 for the first, €100 for the second, and €50 for the third while the 4th-10th will get cinema tickets. One of the best parts of the event is that the works will be presented in an exhibition in the University Library so that the public can vote for the “audience award” which is €100 and is as valuable as being in the top three.

Besides all the students of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, the participants are defined as a selected group of international students who take/took part in ERASMUS, bilateral university partnerships, internships, DAAD programs or spent a part of their studies abroad as free movers.

Here below is the guideline for the submissions:

Step 1: Select one photograph with a minimum resolution of 300dpi and size of ca. 30×40 cm—in JPG or TIF formats.

Step 2: Send your selected photograph and the application form (download here) to []

Step 3: Print out and sign the copyright statement (download here) and hand it in at the Campus Office.

Deadline for submissions is 1 September 2018 and all the questions concerning the contest can be sent to [].

Good luck!

Yağmur Ruzgar, 3. semester Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (M.F.A)

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